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Dance Classes

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Top Catz Dance classes

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Please click the link above for information on dance classes!
Come enjoy the dance with us!

Dance classes continue

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Come join the fun! Dance classes for adults: Flamenco, Tap, and Irish dance.
For kids- Flamenco, Tap, Irish, Funky Hip Hop.
Also available: private lessons in all of the above styles, plus Oriental Dance, Hawaiian and Tahitian Dance, and Classical Spanish Dance.

Gotta Dance! October 2015!

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Come and join the fun! Exercise your body and your brain! Meet fun people! Learn different rhythms and styles of dance! Get fit!
Classes have already started for Flamenco, tap, and Irish dance. Jazz dance classes will start up next week, also.
Classes are in the Rafael Cédres school in Tías, next to the police station.
Marlene is also looking for another venue to teach classes- around the Puerto del Carmen area. There are just not enough hours available at the school... she would like to get a kids´s funky modern dance class going as well.
Please contact Marlene if you have any questions.
She is also available to teach private classes- belly dance, Jota Aragonesa, classical Spanish dance, Sevillanas, clogging, etc.

Dance classes starting September 2014

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Well, we now head into the summer break.
I will miss all of my wonderful students!
But we start up again in September....Group classes I will be offering are: Tap, Clogging, Irish, Flamenco, and Sevillanas.
I do also give private lessons... depending on what you are looking for, ... I can teach Oriental Dance, Polynesian, Escuela Bolera (classical Spanish dance), Jota, Jazz, etc.
I look forward to the return of my very special previous students, and welcome any new ones!
Classes of all ages.
Happy Dancing!! XOZ

Dance Class Schedule October- 2013

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Come join the classes and have some fun!

Mondays-later on, jazz/modern/Musical dance classes, in Club Sociocultural, Puerto del Carmen
Tuesdays- Flamenco and Sevillanas, for kids- 18:00, Rafael Cedres school, Tías
Flamenco and Sevillanas, for adults, beginners- 19:00, Rafael Cedres school, Tías
Flamenco and Sevillanas, for adults, intermediates- 19:30, Rafael Cedres school, Tías
Wednesdays- Tap dance, kids from 9 to 18, 18:30, Rafael Cedres school, Tías
Irish Dance, all ages, 19:30, Rafael Cedres school, Tías
Thursdays- Tap dance, adults 18+, 19:30, Naturally Floors, Puerto del Carmen
Tap adults, intermediate and advanced, 18+, 20:00, Naturally Floors, Puerto d Carmen

Gotta Dance! September classes starting again!

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Top Catz Dance begins classes again, the second week in September.... offering classes in tap dance, Irish, Flamenco, funky, jazz, and a new twist...clogging! Classes will be held in the school CEIP Rafael Cedres, next to the police station, in Tias, and possibly another venue.
Classes are 20 euros a month for kids, 25 for adults, for one class a week. Two classes a week, the second class is half price.
Come join the fun! If you love performing, this is the group to join! If you want to just have fun in class, you can do that, too!
Please contact Marlene at for more information, or call 662-116-415, or 928-511846. Website:, and look for Top Catz on Facebook.

Dance classes Nov 2012

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Hello all you Happy Tappers, and those with Flamenco Fever!
The class schedule is now:
Mondays- 18:30- Kids Funky Tap- ages from 10 up.
19:30- Intermediate and Advanced Flamenco
Wednesdays- 18:30- Beginners Flamenco
Thursdays- 18:30- Beginners Tap- adults
19:30 Intermediate and Advanced Tap- adults
Fridays- 17:30- Kids Tap- ages 5-9
18:30- Irish- all ages

The Kids´Funky Tap class is a mix of conventional tap, and a bit of Hip Hop, Funky, thrown in.

Come join the fun!
If you like performing, we have lots of opportunities for that. If you just want to learn, and get some exercise, that´s OK too!

October 2012 classes

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Here we go! Starting the week of October 22, 2012, Marlene will once again be holding classes, in Tias, and Puerto del Carmen.
Marlene will be in California, until Oct 19, so please contact her on her email-, before that, or
928 511846, 662 116 415, after the 19th.
The exact schedule of the classes depends on the availability of the locals, and also the students.
Classes will be held in the school in Tias, as usual, and also the Fondeadero, across from the Irish Harbour Bar, is reserved for Marlene´s classes, from 16:00 til 18:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Classes offered this term: (kids and adults)
Tap Dance
Irish Step Dance
Hawaiian/Tahitian Dance
Belly Dance
and a new class- Funky/Latin/Jazz.


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Sevillanas classes are held on Mondays, at 20:30.

Tap Dance Classes

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I offer tap dancing classes for both children and adults.

Kids classes

Kids (aged 3-7) beginner - Tuesdays 18:15
Kids (aged 8-14) intermediate - Wednesdays 18:00
Kids (aged 9-14) advanced - Wednesdays 18:30

Adults classes

Adults beginner - Wednesdays 19:30
Adults intermediate - Fridays 18:30
Adults advanced - Thursdays 19:30

The classes are held in the school CEIP Alcalde Rafael Cedrés in Tías.

Classes cost €8 per session or €25 per month adults / €20 per month kids for one class a week. I do offer discounts for multi classes, please see my price list for more information.

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