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About Marlene

Marlene Gael Pierce, the founder and director of Top Catz Dance, learned to dance at the age of 3 from her mother, Helen Pierce and later, to sing, from her father, Lee Pierce.

At the age of 19 she received a scholarship to U.S.I.U. School of Performing Arts and later became a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild).

Marlene is a seasoned performer on the stage, including tours of the USA, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

Her film career includes appearances in "Staying Alive" with John Travolta, "Second Chance" with Olivia Newton-John and "Swing Shift" with Goldie Hawn.

Television appearances include "Daybreak", "Hart to Hart", "Mc Gyver", "Bay City Blues" and music videos with Stevie Wonder and David Lee Roth.

On stage, Marlene danced in the Whoppee Goldberg Show, and has wonderful memories of comical moments with Whoopee and her, on stage together.

Marlene has rounded out an already illustrious career as a professional dance choreographer and instructor.
Marlene & Dieter