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Dance classes Nov 2012

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Hello all you Happy Tappers, and those with Flamenco Fever!
The class schedule is now:
Mondays- 18:30- Kids Funky Tap- ages from 10 up.
19:30- Intermediate and Advanced Flamenco
Wednesdays- 18:30- Beginners Flamenco
Thursdays- 18:30- Beginners Tap- adults
19:30 Intermediate and Advanced Tap- adults
Fridays- 17:30- Kids Tap- ages 5-9
18:30- Irish- all ages

The Kids´Funky Tap class is a mix of conventional tap, and a bit of Hip Hop, Funky, thrown in.

Come join the fun!
If you like performing, we have lots of opportunities for that. If you just want to learn, and get some exercise, that´s OK too!

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