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Gotta Dance! October 2015!

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Come and join the fun! Exercise your body and your brain! Meet fun people! Learn different rhythms and styles of dance! Get fit!
Classes have already started for Flamenco, tap, and Irish dance. Jazz dance classes will start up next week, also.
Classes are in the Rafael Cédres school in Tías, next to the police station.
Marlene is also looking for another venue to teach classes- around the Puerto del Carmen area. There are just not enough hours available at the school... she would like to get a kids´s funky modern dance class going as well.
Please contact Marlene if you have any questions.
She is also available to teach private classes- belly dance, Jota Aragonesa, classical Spanish dance, Sevillanas, clogging, etc.
People are welcome to join the classes at any time of the year- and some students don´t live in Lanzarote, but come to classes whenever they are on the island. All are welcome!!