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October 2012 classes

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Here we go! Starting the week of October 22, 2012, Marlene will once again be holding classes, in Tias, and Puerto del Carmen.
Marlene will be in California, until Oct 19, so please contact her on her email-, before that, or
928 511846, 662 116 415, after the 19th.
The exact schedule of the classes depends on the availability of the locals, and also the students.
Classes will be held in the school in Tias, as usual, and also the Fondeadero, across from the Irish Harbour Bar, is reserved for Marlene´s classes, from 16:00 til 18:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Classes offered this term: (kids and adults)
Tap Dance
Irish Step Dance
Hawaiian/Tahitian Dance
Belly Dance
and a new class- Funky/Latin/Jazz.
This will be a combination class, of jazz technique, some funky choreographies, some latin... a mixture of styles.
Come along and join the fun! If you like performing, we have a lot of opportunities for that, in the theatre, special events, and for charity organizations.
If you don´t care for performing, come along to the class, and just enjoy getting some exercise, learning an art form, and meeting fun people.
Keep on dancin´.....!